Understanding the Differences between Socialgraphics & Social Listening

March 25, 2013

Socialgraphics, a new layer of marketing dataFor decades marketers have used demographic information to improve targeted advertising. The dawn of the Internet brought with it the ability to layer psychographic interest-based targeting sourced from browsing behavior. The e-commerce industry married these data layers with transactional data for more relevant marketing and product recommendations. Now, with the advent of the social era, over 1 billion daily expressions (tweets, posts, status updates, etc.) are extremely rich in key customer relationship data such as customers’ interests, purchase intents and affinities. We call that rich data Socialgraphics.

Socialgraphics applications and processes are very different from the practice of Social Listening and Monitoring employed by many PR professionals and social media managers. We’ve outlined major differences between Social listening and Socialgraphics in the chart below.

Social Listening


helps helps
WHO PR and Social Media professionals customer analytics, customer intelligence, and CRM teams
to to
PRODUCT monitor brand and keyword mentions capture behaviors and intents via the social expressions
of of
AUDIENCE Internet users mentioning your keywords actual purchasing customers and prospects within your database
in order to in order to
BUSINESS VALUE track a brand’s buzz grow revenue, loyalty and acquisition
by by
APPROACH charting levels of mentions over time improving segmentation, personalization and performance of marketing programs.
and is and is
ACTIONABLE  not very actionable for marketing campaigns. directly actionable via CRM and database marketing.

While Social Listening provides a much-needed summary of online word of mouth around brands, it suffers from being hard to act on and difficult to quantify ROI.  For example, knowing that the word Coke was mentioned 50 million times this month is not very actionable.

Socialgraphics can append rich Interest and Behavior fields directly to your CRM as well as provide powerful modeled segments to identify high-profitability opportunities with your customers. Socialgraphics is inherently actionable and ROI-quantifiable. In fact, our clients are finding that Socialgraphics are a good predictor of purchase intent. More on that in an upcoming post.

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