TrueLens Drives 141% Higher Sales for Johnny Cupcakes; Adds New Client Urban Outfitters

Campaigns Show 141% Sales Lift; Company Welcomes New Clients Johnny Cupcakes and Urban Brands

June 27, 2013

BOSTON, MA–(May 07, 2013) - TrueLens, the leader in social behavioral data that improves marketing outcomes, announced that its client, Johnny Cupcakes, demonstrated sales lift of 141% in their most recent email campaign through the use of TrueLens solutions. Johnny Cupcakes, a leading clothing brand and retailer, worked with TrueLens to better understand and engage their customers. TrueLens:

  • Identified 19 million social expressions by Johnny Cupcakes customers and derived actionable, social behavioral data that included deep understanding of their interests, brand affinities, media preferences, and levels of online influence
  • Applying this social behavioral data along with advanced predictive analytics, developed high performing customer segments for its email campaigns
  • Delivered significant performance gains based on propensity models, with 141% lift in sales and 42% lift in CTR

These results were measured against the performance of a randomly selected control group. The business value of TrueLens’s proprietary Socialgraphics data has been borne out in several controlled tests. Another recent campaign with a Fortune 500 retailer produced a 16% increase in average transaction size.

“Our brand has always been about making great personal experiences for our customers,” said Johnny Cupcakes CEO Johnny Earle. “While we pride ourselves on our tight relationship with our customers, the actionable insights and data we gained from TrueLens left our sense of intuition in the dust. With a broader perspective and toolkit, we can now deliver highly relevant email campaigns that drive sales and, most importantly, create a style of communication that fits our customer.”

TrueLens Welcomes Urban Brands

TrueLens works with top consumer brands in retail, ecommerce, entertainment, CPG, and financial services. In addition to welcoming Johnny Cupcakes as a new client, TrueLens is also partnering with Urban Outfitters Inc. (including its retail brands Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and Free People).

“TrueLens has been a great partner for us,” said David Norton, Chief Analytics Officer at Urban Outfitters. “The social behavioral data produced by TrueLens has provided us with additional insights about our customers that we can use as a valuable input to offering them a highly personalized experience. And we are excited to work with their analytics team to improve the profitability of our marketing initiatives through enhanced predictive models, segmentation and messaging.” 

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