49ers Fans vs. Ravens Fans: A Marketer’s View

What does Customer Intelligence tell us about this year's Super Bowl?

January 22, 2013

Today the sporting world turns its head toward two weeks of analysis on the teams playing in Super Bowl XLVII. While we can’t tell you who’s going to win the big game, we used our customer intelligence tools to highlight differences between the San Francisco and Baltimore fan bases. We produced Socialgraphics on the Twitter followers of the 49ers and the Ravens to discover their brand preferences, mobile behavior, media habits and sentiments about their teams. TrueLens clients are using Socialgraphics to improve open and conversion rates of their marketing campaigns.

Who wants it more?

Baltimore fans talk about winning the Super Bowl twice as much as 49ers fans.

Marketer’s Takeaway: Data on how consumers discuss major events and competitors can help create more relevant marketing messages for customers. Ravens fans want to win the Super Bowl

Where do they eat? 

Ravens fans skew toward major mexican cuisine chains like Qdoba and Chipotle, while 49ers fans love burgers from In-N-Out and Jack in the Box. Both fan bases have high affinities for buffalo wing sports bar brands Wing Stop (for 49ers fans) and Buffalo Wild Wings (for Ravens fans).

Marketer’s Takeaway: Seek insights on customers’ brand affinities to inform co-marketing and cross promotions.

Where do 49ers fans and Ravens fans eat?

49ers fans are early adopters. 

A look at mobile and social applications reveals that 49ers fans are early adopters. When compared to the general population, they more frequently use emerging social networks like Waze (+223% more frequently), GetGlue (+99% more frequently) and foursquare (+45% more frequently). It’s likely that San Francisco’s tech industry contributes to these early adoption behaviors.

Marketer’s Takeaway: Understand how consumers use mobile apps and social networks to inform campaigns for those platforms.

49ers fans are early adopters

Where do they go?

Both fan bases check into public transit stops frequently, although Baltimore fans appear to do more driving. 49ers fans drink and travel more, but Baltimore fans are bigger fitness fanatics.

Marketer’s Takeaway: Checkin data reveals offline consumer behavior.

Where do Ravens and 49ers fans check in?

What are they watching?

The top six TV networks for these fan bases reveal that 49ers fans are slightly more news-oriented, with CNN as their top TV network. For the most part, viewing habits among these fan bases are very similar.

Marketer’s Takeaway: Use intelligence on what media your customers consume to make decisions about where to advertise. Top TV networks for 49ers and Ravens fans

The Ravens are a hot topic.

The Ravens are slightly more top-of-mind among 49ers fans. 49ers fans talk about the Ravens 25% more than Ravens fans talk about the 49ers. 49ers fans discuss the ravens

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