Socialgraphic Comparison: Dunkin’ Donuts vs. Starbucks

Social Behavioral Insights from the Food & Beverage Industry

August 5, 2013

As part of an ongoing series comparing Socialgraphics of audiences of major brands, TrueLens analyzed social behavioral data in 9 million public online expressions from the social audiences of Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks. We uncovered a range of Socialgraphic insights from media habits, to competitor affinities, to specific product and campaign mentions for the individual customers in those audiences.

Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts drinker profiles

The Dunkin’ Donuts audience skewed toward mom and sports-focused media.

  • Top blogs and social media for this audience were: Mom Central, Social Media Today, Social Media Examiner, Remember the Milk, Social Moms, and Woobox.
  • Top TV Networks were: Women’s Entertainment, which they discuss 17x more than the general population and the Oprah Winfrey Network, which they discuss 7 times more than the general population.
  • They also watch ESPN significantly more than the general population, and express strong affinities for WWE. (Which speaks to a distinct subgroup of sports enthusiasts likely separate than the more prominent social moms within the Dunkin’ Donuts audience.)
Starbucks drinkers tend to be younger, early adopters whose affinity for music resonates through their brand affinities, TV shows they watch.
  • They check in on foursquare to colleges and universities 7 times more than the general population.
  • They are early adopters who travel less, but like to explore the world around them, using Waze and Yelp 3-4 times more than the general population.
  • They read Billboard Magazine and Rolling Stone, watch Glee. They view online videos on Livestream and Vevo, both platforms that focus on music entertainment.

TV affinities of Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts drinkers

Competitive Share of Voice

We also viewed how popular competitors are with each of these audiences. We found that Starbucks has a stronghold on the share of voice among coffee brands. Both Starbucks customers and Dunkin’ Donuts customers like to talk about drinking Starbucks, going to Starbucks and craving Starbucks.

How Dunkin Donuts customers discuss competitorsStarbucks drinkers are obsessed with the starbucks brand

Product Share of Voice

We also analyzed which products were popular among these two groups. Starbucks has done a very good job of branding its products. It uses its own vernacular of innovative products like ”Frappuccino.” Conversely, a lot of Dunkin’ Donuts products are titled by common generic coffee terms such as “latte”. We built custom product term taxonomies to help us identify customer expressions that mention specific Starbucks products, Dunkin’ Donuts products and generic coffee terms to reveal:

How Starbucks and Dunkin drinkers discuss products

Marketing Campaigns Drive Conversations

We also uncovered a number of ways in which the marketing campaigns for each brand impact the conversations their customers have online. For example, Dunkin’ Donuts historically has put a lot of advertising dollars into promoting its iced coffee and breakfast products:

Dunkin' drinkers discuss iced coffee 7x more than Starbucks drinkersStarbucks distributes iced coffee to retail chainsDunkin Donuts Breakfast

Interestingly, both audiences mention ”yogurt” more than any other breakfast term. Starbucks just announced it will partner with Danone for a line of Greek Yogurt products in 2014.

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