TrueLens featured in Direct Marketing News

July 24, 2013

This month, Direct Marketing News featured TrueLens’ work with client Johnny Cupcakes in its quarterly publication. The article is titled Channeling the Customer, and covers the latest trends in customer data-driven marketing as well as highlights the ROI our client has seen with 141% lift in sales and a 42% lift in click-through rates.

An excerpt from the article

To better identify and target Johnny Cupcakes customers, the brand began to examine its cross-channel data using TrueLens. By combining historical customer data, such as previous email click-throughs and transactional information, and adding a layer of insight from social data, Johnny Cupcakes not only identified its die-hard collectors, it also identified the connected, casual customers who don’t purchase frequently but spread the word on social outlets when they do. It also uncovered special interest customers partial to specific themes or characters, such as sports or Hello Kitty, reflected on Johnny Cupcakes apparel.

The retailer now tracks what customers and prospects talk about on social networks to spot trends and changes in customer interests. Johnny Cupcakes identifies these prospects as people who have subscribed to Johnny Cupcakes product email lists but haven’t made a purchase. TrueLens also uses “look-alike” modeling by comparing socially active consumers from its database to Johnny Cupcakes’ best customers, and then forecasting which customer segments would be most responsive to certain email messages.

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